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Not long after we mentioned audiomachine’s latest release, Deus Ex Machina, there’s already news of it being used in movie marketing campaigns! This TV spot for True Grit, uses the cue “Kill em All”. Listen to the track on audiomachine’s Facebook page.

Another cue, “Judge and Jury”, from the new release was used in a different True Grit spot. You can watch that trailer here, and audiomachine was kind enough to post it as well for listening.

Finally, “Sands of Time” from Labyrinth was used in a TV Spot for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. This cue was also in a Legend of the Gaurdians TV Spot earlier this year. I love this piece personally. I just think it’s really enjoyable to listen to even on its own, and you can on audiomachine’s FB page.

Interestingly enough, Paul Dinletir, now co-owner of audiomachine, wrote the track “Here Comes the King”, for X-Ray Dog’s Canis Rex II. Recently the track was used in the Dawn Treader theatrical trailer. This track was licensed for the first Chronicles of Narnia film. It’s still a great track 5 years later, and hopefully will help lead to a successful opening weekend for the third film in the series.

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