Tragedy Strikes E.S. Posthumus

Franz Vonlichten of E.S. Posthumus passed away in May.

Franz’s brother, Helmut Vonlichten, posted this tragic announcement on E.S. Posthumus’ official Facebook page this past Thursday. It saddens me to write this article, as this news was a shock to everyone. Here is Helmut in his own words:

“Dear Friends:

This has been an amazing year for ES Posthumus. Not only did we release our best selling album “Makara”, but we opened the Super Bowl with Jay Z. However, with the sweetness of life often there follows the bitterness of mortality….. my brother, Franz, passed away in May. It was entirely unexpected.

The vast majority of music that we created as ESP is in your hands… there may be 1 or 2 additional songs that become available before the year end; unfortunately, I cannot promise anything.

As for me, I will begin to rebuild what was washed away, albeit in a form other than ES Posthumus. My brother and I created ESP together and we’ll “exit stage left” together as well.

Franz was an extraordinary talent…. among other things, I will miss his creative ear and incomparable musical palette. Most of all, however, I will miss his wit and humor…. a consummate storyteller who found a punch line in even the most mundane scenarios.

Finally, thanks to every one of you… as you know, our success was truly “grassroots” … it was driven by a sense of community and word of mouth…. you made it happen for us… we are eternally grateful..

Be well,


Helmut lost a brother, and the music community loses a gifted artist. As we mourn the loss of Franz Vonlichten, it is impossible to ignore the achievements he and his brother shared in E.S. Posthumus.

The Vonlichten brother’s first album, Unearthed, was released in 2001. It started as an experiment, but it was clear that the two artists had hit upon something powerful. The reach of E.S. Posthumus only grew, and three albums, and a variety of singles later, it is now more popular than ever.

The community that has come to love E.S. Posthumus’ music is truly diverse. The style, which the brothers never defined, attracted a wide audience from all backgrounds musical and otherwise. That audience only grew as their sound evolved over the years, and as Helmut mentions, that awareness impressively rose mostly through word of mouth. The outpouring of support from E.S. Posthumus’ many fans on their Facebook page is a testament to the company’s impact. The Vonlichten brothers were truly a team, and they dedicated themselves both to their music, and to their fans. It is certain that E.S. Posthumus’ music will continue to inspire listeners.

Having personally enjoyed E.S. Posthumus music over the years, I have great respect for the brothers and their music. Franz will be greatly missed, and our deepest sympathies go out to Helmut, and the Vonlichtens.

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