Immediate Music: Trailerhead Saga

After three long years, Yoav Goren has unexpectedy updated his long forgotten blog with a brand new update on Trailerhead: Saga and the next Globus Album!

Start marking down your calendars now, because the sequel to one of 2008’s best releases arrives on July 06! Throw a party! I’ll even bring plates, if anybody can actually make a giant trailerhead cake!  And no, I can’t bake a cake. My last one became sentient and devoured my oven before i put it down.

In all seriousness however, Yoav’s message is a very humbling read that gives us a picture of just how devoted Yoav and the entire Immediate Music/Globus crew are to releasing their music. Today’s music industry is in terrible shape in terms of sales compared to ten years ago. There is a reason that we don’t hear more rock bands employing full orchestras and choirs: It’s just too expensive. Yoav sums it up when he says that:

“It just doesn’t make sense to sink all that time and money into creating an album which has no hope of ever recouping it’s cost, let alone earning a profit. Thankfully, the creative outrules the business side, and this music must emerge for the artist in me to continue breathing.”

Globus and the Immediate Music crew are sacrificing the well deserved money they make from their hard work creating fantastic trailer cues to bring us fans more then just copied tracks from their library, but something new altogether. The world needs more artists like this. I hope everyone reading this will support them and buy both Trailerhead: Saga and Globus’ next album. I have no doubt they will be worth every penny and more.

The album will feature 13 tracks, all of which have been extensively extended and re-cut to provide for the best listening experience – these aren’t just trailer cues anymore! It will be availible as both a physical CD from Imperativa Records and as a download from all the major mp3 stores! Get ready to wage the dramatic battle you’ve always wanted to have with your neighbors annoying chihuahua, because some top-notch epicness is coming your way!

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June 6, 2010