Immediate, Globus and City of the Fallen are now on TMN Radio!

Is it possible to get tired of Future World Music, Fired Earth Music and Brickwall Audio? While its clear that the answer is no, you’ve been testing the limits of how much of such an awesome cocktail the human body can withstand ever since we launched our online radio.

While our clinical trials on this magical cure to everyday dulldrums and boredom has acheived wonderful results, we’ve managed to improve the formula significantly thanks to the generosity of our friends at Immediate Music, Globus and City of the Fallen. All of them have been generous enough to allow us to play some of their music on our station! We have added Trailerhead, Epicon, Epic Live! and 11 tracks from City of the Fallen Vol. 1-3 to our radio! If you like what you hear, we urge you to buy all of Immediate and Globus’ public releases, including the upcoming Trailerhead: Saga!

In addition, while percussion-only mixes of existing tracks are really cool, labratory results showed they only improved the awesomeness of the average person’s day by a mere 29.84%, well below our target figure of 76.48%. Therefore, we’ve removed them from the radio. We’re hoping that along with Immediate, Globus and City of the Fallen, that your day will be 80% better! We’re always working to get more music for the radio, so stay tuned!

The next challenge awaiting us is compressing this radio into pill form, which we are confident will allow us to cure all known diseases and therefore begin our plan for world domination make life wonderful. Thanks are also in order to Jack, who has kindly been hosting the radio for us!

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