TMN Radio Strikes Back

Hi everyone! I’m Denis, here is my first post at TMN.

I’m very proud to announce you that TMN Radio is back, with some goodies just for your eager ears! Yes, we have two exclusive tracks from the upcoming album of Audiomachine, Platinum Series IV – Labyrinth! (and some other tracks of course)

Thanks to Paul Dinletir for “Black Cauldron” and to Kevin Rix for “Lost Empire” for their support.

We also stream the entirely revamped library of Future World Music, so be sure to check it!

Add a spoonful of Brickwall Audio (Cataclysm and Epic Trailer Impact), a pinch of Audiomachine and a sprig of Fired Earth Music, and you have a good beginning for a Trailer Music Radio!

I will finish by saying that if you are not able to access the radio, it must be because the limit of listeners is reached (which is at the moment 5, because of a single personal internet connection). I see already tens of thousands of fans crying while trying to listen to the radio Don’t desperate if you cannot listen, we will soon find good souls (with large internet connection) to help us!

Have fun, and May The Trailer Music Be With You!

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