Video Interview with Full Tilt

Michael Nielsen & Kaveh Cohen chat with Trailer Music News.

Michael and Kaveh are composers for the Full Tilt Library, distributed by Groove Addicts. We conducted the interview at Kaveh’s studio in Studio City, California.

Part 1

In this part Kaveh and Michael talk about how they got their start and how the Full Tilt library was created.

Part 2

In this part Kaveh and Michael discuss how they approach new releases, and the differences between custom work, and library cues.  Kaveh Cohen also shows a mock-up of a cue, and describes the process from composing to live recording.

The cue “Salvation”, from their upcoming release Full Tilt: Rising, is used in the video.  You can listen to it in its entirety on Facebook or Kaveh’s MySpace.

Part 3

In this part Kaveh and Michael discuss the aspects that make composing for trailers unique, and what other projects outside of trailers they have worked on. They conclude with a message for their fans.

The cue “The Fallen”, from their newest release Full Tilt: Rising, is used in the video. You can listen to more of their music on Facebook or Kaveh’s MySpace.

Michael Nielsen kindly provided some pictures of his studio.

Michael Nielsen's studio

 Thank you Kaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen for taking time to do the interview and making this possible!  Thanks to Ray Borda who conducted the interview.  Thanks also to Collin Perry for the awesome scoring session footage used throughout. 


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