2010 will be Fine: At least 3 more epic CDs!

Hoy, hoy! Tho’ I am really busy nowdays at the university I still keep one of my eye on trailer music news. So let’s see:

  • X-ray Dog released a new album named Seeing Eye.
  • Globus announced that the live CD of Globus concert will be released on the 18th  of January. “Just finished mixing the last of the tracks!! Off to mastering now. Fun stuff…”
  • Another news from Immediate Music: “3 Epic CDs coming over the next 3 months….starting with Globus Live on January 18. Pre-release offer on our website. And we’re signing new artists as well. Busy time. We’re working hard to bring REAL and EMOTIONAL music to the market!!!”
  • An interesting article on Film Music Mag pictures the death of composing.
  • Experimentalsounds.com revealed E.S. Posthumus 3rd album’s name and its release date! Makara will contain 15 tracks and will be released the 2nd of February 2010. And those who intereseted what makara means, click.
  • Trailer Music Live launched a new website!
  • Thomas Bergersen from Two Steps From Hell confirmed that the so called “Blade Blade” track that is spreading amongst fans for a while now called “Black Blade”. He also mentioned that “The albums [Nemesis II, Genesis, etc] will be available worldwide and be quite affordable, don’t worry. We are doing this purely to please our fans”

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