5 minutes with Fired Earth Music’s ‘Cyanite’ composer

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic explains the creative process behind Fired Earth Music’s second chilling album, Cyanite.

Check out “Stolen Youth” with it’s sinister playground sounds; “Human Experiment” for gnarly, adrenaline-fuelled slasher-porn; “Waltz with Vampires” for a romantic dance with the dark side; or “Erotic Psychotic”’s messed up sounds that will give you nightmares!

TMN: You’ve delivered a chilling collection of horror, thriller and suspense for Fired Earth Music’s second album. Did you have to go to a dark place to produce sounds that will reflect and complement the most vicious moments of today’s horrors?

Aleksandar Dimitrevic: In a way, yes. We all have part of ourselves that sits in the shadows. The more I’m in touch with mine, the better I can do projects like these. But it was always more natural for me to do darker side of music. Give me a comedy track to do and I’ll start sweating.

TMN: Describe a bad or recurring nightmare that you have.

AD: I guess that would be this post-apocalyptic dream, where everything is in ruins and rust. All the people that you see are in fear, dragging their old suitcases desperate to get somewhere, and I don’t know where or what exactly happened for that matter. Only know that a lot of people are dead, and what survived is hurdling in fear. It’s hard to explain, but for me that’s one of the darker ones that pops up fairly regularly.

TMN: Which horror movie made a mark on you, growing up?

AD: Too many to pick just one. But if I had to pick one it would have to be Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw… but also Carpenter’s work like The Thing, Halloween… numerous Zombie flicks, and then there is The Basket Case, perfect little horror from 80s…

TMN: Cyanite offers a diverse collection of sounds and moods. Which track did you enjoy working on the most?

AD: I had great fun working on all of them, if I have to pick I’ll go with “Erotic Psychotic” and “Emerging Darkness”.

TMN: “Erotic Psychotic” is a pretty radical sound. What images did you have in your head when you put that together?

AD:  Tough one, I guess you could say that track for me is all about moral conflicts of a very, very disturbed mind. Think about Michael Mayer all of a sudden thinking about what he is doing and why.

TMN: Which instruments created the spookiest sounds?

AD: Processed bowed cymbals and crazy effects on violin section.

TMN: Which movie would you love to see one of these tracks on?

AD: Halloween 3 ,if Mr. Zombie does another one, and the new Elm Street.

TMN: Weapon of choice: meat cleaver, hammer, spade, chainsaw, concrete, fire or acid tank?

AD: Meat cleaver!

TMN: Which of today’s horror characters would you least like to have an encounter with?

AD: Lady Gaga!

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