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There’s a new music production house in Los Angeles, that makes original music for movie, television, and video game promotional campaigns, called Sonic Symphony.  I was made aware of it via Alex Pfeffer’s website.  Alex Pfeffer arranged, mixed and mastered the 18 epic choral themes and action pieces for the latest release “Epica”.  The pieces were all composed by Hanu Khosla and Manu Khosla, and you can listen to a montage of all the tracks on the CD from the music section of their website:

The website is worth checking out on its own.  Their new album called Epica, quoting from the site, “… [is] an explosive trailer music collection featuring 18 Epic Choral Themes & Action Pieces, masterfully written especially for motion picture, telvision and video game advertising campaigns.  Cues ranging form epic grandeur themes to breathtaking action pieces.  All tracks are arranged in a quintessential trailer music format, gradually increasing in intesity, and tailored to bring a heigtened level of emotion to any visuals.  ….  All cues are also available in a special ‘Maximum Loudness Edition’ to give the editors that extra loudness and meet the ever growing demand for more volume.”

(You can see a .pdf tracklist here)

Sonic-Symphony’s next album, Drums From Hell, will focus more on sound design and percussion.

Hanu and Manu Khosla have written cues for Megatrax Music in the past, and you can listen to some of their work at ReverbNation:

We look forward to hearing some of these cues in trailers!

Epica is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact Sonic Symphony.

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August 31, 2009
Michael Morone