Trailer Music Live: Yoav Goren’s Concert Afterthoughts

Hoy, hoy! You probably read on Globus’ MySpace page that the show was a huge success.” and you can even read there this one: “keep an eye for more tour dates hopefully in the future!” And as we are trying to be good journalists and we couldn’t do this with less information, we couldn’t help but ask Yoav Goren about his feelings after the concert:

“I feel that TML came off quite well, considering that I was quite concerned the entire day during the dress rehearsal and sound check. The orchestra had it’s best performance during the show compared to the rehearsals, and the choir was simply – awesome. I can’t say enough good things about the dedication, passion and musicianship of the Angeles Chorale. Our conductor John Sutton was incredible in working over 100 musicians together as a tight unit, and drummer Todd Waetzig was the glue and the power behind the dense orchestral rock sound.

“For me, there were two very important and seemingly distant goals for the first TML – to get the live sound close to the recorded material, and to have an eager public response to such an exotic cultural event enough to fill up the theatre. In this regard, I consider the Broad Stage TML to be a success! I was, and my trusted sound engineer and other associates, very happy with the live sound – powerful, full, with clarity and separation, and not “hurting your ears” loud. The live mix was indeed able to capture the balance of all the instruments and convey the emotion of the material. The sell out crowd (with people without pre-sold tickets being turned away at the door) was really able to get an essence of what Immediate and Globus’ epic music is about. I was humbled to encounter a four minute standing ovation at the end of the show from the audience.

“So now (actually tomorrow) we begin the process of putting together all the video, photos and other promotional material together into a press kit which will serve as our calling card for possible future TML in other venues in both the US and Europe. It will be a long road to travel, but I am very encouraged by the musical outcome of TML, and I know the audience really responded well to it. Already I have people in the UK and Germany starting to generate interest in TML. As I said, it will take a while to build up interest, but I am hopeful.”

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July 11, 2009
Gergely Vilaghy