Epic Score on Amazon

As we mentioned earlier Epic Score planned to release some albums. Now, the albums arrive to us. You can purchase them at Amazon (on iTunes will be available later).


They are releasing these :

  • Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 01
  • Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 03
  • Distorted Vol. 01
  • Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 04
  • Epic Drama Vol. 01


On the Epic Action cds, they are including both Choir and Non-Choir versions on the album. On Distorted, full versions of the tracks plus the “Rock Only” versions are included.

Epic Action & Adventure Vol. 04 and Epic Drama Vol. 01 are brand new CDs just released to the licensing market.

In total, these 5 albums represent 75 pieces of music, totaling 122 tracks including all the alternate versions.

UPDATE – April 30, 2009: These albums are now available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon. 

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April 14, 2009