West One Music Releases Albums to the Public

WOM… I mean Woah!!!

Hoy, hoy! Okey let’s star this post in AICN style: “Hey folks, MJM here…” So I just share what Michael J. Morone sent me. It just speaks for itself.

“This is cool; might be worth mentioning on the blog:

All these albums are on iTunes, at 256kbps DRM free (iTunes Plus, in other words), at 6$ a pop!

Inspired by Jay Price:

Hero Unleashed by Jay Price:

Epic Journeys by Richard Harvey:

Action Adventure Trailers by Veigar Margeirsson:

Legacy of Darkness Trailers:

Hybrid Action Trailers:

Oh, and I randomly came across this: Video Game Trailers by Killer Tracks:

What’s going on?! Er, I mean, this is awesome! If only more companies were doing it. (cough, Immediate Music, X-Ray Dog) And it’s not like this was a one time thing. Cavendish is still putting new stuff up on iTunes, and I have a feeling, you’ll see some more West One albums appearing in the next couple of weeks…

Anyway, just fyi.

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December 8, 2008
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