Top 5 of Tracks Featured in Trailers

Hoy, hoy! I will write a summary about year 2008 so it is under construction. According to my plans I wanted to make a diagram of music usage by companies based on SoundTrack.Net‘s database. But they didn’t aswered my letter, so I couldn’t get these datas from them (yet) and gather these manually would be tiresome.

Although I will harass the guys over SoundTrack.Net with my mails until they answer me, but so far I gathered the most used music pieces from several companies.

TOP 5: Immediate Music

“Redrum”: 28 times
“Tightwire”: 26 times
“Naked Prey”: 25 times
“Blasphemy”: 19 times
“Red Wire Blue Wire”: 15 times

TOP 5: X-ray Dog

“Gothic Power”: 12 times
“Here comes the King”: 9 times
“Battle Cry”: 6 times
“Clash to Arms”: 6 times
“Dethroned”: 5 times

TOP 5: RipTide Music

“Massive Incline”: 9 times
“Evil Pitch Bender”: 8 times
“Out of Time”: 7 times
“Monster Orch Rise”: 6 times
“Wicked Climb”: 4 times

TOP 5: Cinetrax

“Knife”: 9 times
“Wrath”: 7 times
“Inferno”: 5 times
“Trust No One”: 5 times
“Laceration”: 5 times

TOP 5: Brand X Music

“Off Ramp”: 6 times
“Hostile Takeover”: 5 times
“King Drum”: 4 times
“A Hero’s Only Choice”: 4 times
“Code of Honor”: 4 times
“Eliminator”: 4 times

TOP 5: E.S. Posthumus

“Tikal”: 6 times
“Menouthis”: 5 times
“Pompeii”: 5 times
“Nara”: 5 times
“Harappa”: 3 times

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December 28, 2008
Gergely Vilaghy