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We decided to publish our lists of the best picks in epic trailer music. This list contains the best composers, companies, albums, tracks in proper order. If a new album comes out and we make our opinion about it then we always compare it to this list. Of course, this list cannot be final, it updates by new albums (if that albums is as extraordinary). Please note, these primes are our own opinion and they are 100% pectoral. If you have another opinion feel free to comment. So here they come:

Top 5 trailer music companies

  • Two Steps from Hell – Since 2006 they evolved really fast and became populare because of Dynasty, Nemesis, although Volume 1 and Shadows and Nightmares were great albums too.
  • X-Ray Dog –  The last few albums sounds nice. Furthermore some unforgettable previous songs.
  • Immediate music – Just because of the Themes For Orchestra And Choir series and Trailerhead.
  • West One Music –  West One develops the fastest and it still shows quality.
  • Audiomachine – The Platinum Series are surprisingly well-composed.


Top 5 trailer music albums

  • Nemesis by Two Steps From Hell – the first place goes to it, that is beyond dispute. Simply a (the) masterpiece.
  • Themes for Orchestra and Choir Series by Immediate Music – Okay, that is not a single album but hey, it would be a one big album splitted to many parts :).
  • Dynasty by Two Steps From Hell – Yeah, Two Steps From Hell rules.
  • Epic choral by Extreme music –  Klaus Badelt is the God.
  • Worlds Apart by Future World Music – “I like whisky. I like Johnny Walker. I like the rest of the tracks too”. – Tyr


Top 5 composers

  • Thomas J. Bergersen – “Holy Zombie Jesus! Holy Zombie Jesus!  It’s him the maestro of the maestros the king of the composers! “– Tyr. Indeed.
  • Klaus Badelt – He did great scores and some stunning composition on Vol. 19 album of Director’s Cuts Series.
  • Marcello De Francisci – Former composer of Immediate Music and other production music companies and he started his own one. Anyway all of his music is a masterpiece.
  • Alexander Dimitrijevic – Not well-known (unfortunately) composer for Immediate Music. He composed the best tracks on Themes For Orchestra And Choir series like ‘With Great Power’, etc.
  • Yoav Goren – Co-founder of Immediate Music and great composer too.


Top 5 epic action tracks

  • “Dethroned” by X-Ray Dog – Evergreen. Fully satifies greg’s criteria.
  • “Dark Side of Power” by Immediate Music – Yeah, this is the track called awesome.
  • “The Immortals” by Two Steps From Hell – Another remarkable piece.
  • King’s Legion by Two Steps From Hell – Perfect use of drums.
  • Trinity by Position Music – Extremely powerful and immersive.


Top 5 epic adventure tracks:

  • “Army of Justice” by Two Steps From Hell – It’s the pure epicness with a lot of great tunes embrace in one heroic entity. Catch the mood of unnatural, of higher good like someone feels the touch of God. Prepare for battle (@0:22) and the silence before the storm (@0:43) is the melodical part of the track. “My favourite.” – Tyr
  • “Tristan” by Two Steps From Hell – “I like the monotonic choir.” – Tyr
  • “Flameheart” by Two Steps From Hell – With a smooth epic opening one can think this can not raise to another level, but the following dinamical built up leads to a higher climax.
  • “DNA reactor” by Pfeifer Broz. – Pure driving orchestra.
  • “Hammer of The Gods II” by Audiomachine


The top 5 epic drama tracks:

  • “Here comes the king” by X-Ray Dog – This one drow both of us into the world of trailer music.
  • “Rising Empire” by Immediate Music – Choir. Violin. Drum. Violin. Drum. Violin. Choir. Drum. Drum. Violin.
  • “Wrath of Sea” by Two Steps From Hell – These drums drive crazy.
  • “Serenata” by Immediate Music – Very impressive and soul-touching.
  • “Reluctant warrior” by Immediate Music – Seemingly Immediate music beats down Two Steps From Hell in drama tracks.

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