Poll #2: Will You Buy Immediate Music’s Trailerhead?

Hoy, hoy! I should have closed this vote before the percentage of those who bought Trailerhead drops down below 50%. In the past few days I hoped that someone vote for it, but this didn’t happened.

So 49% of us are happy owners of original Trailerhead CDs. Some of us (23%) haven’t bought the album yet, but they are planning to do it. And 28% have chosen the old-school warez style, becuase it’s cheaper, comfortable etc.

All in one, 72% have answered, or will answer, the call of Immediate Music and support the company. I think it’s still a good ratio, but it’s clear: we are not all saints.

This month we would like to measure the size of your trailer music collection. Just be honest!

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November 1, 2008
Gergely Vilaghy