X-ray What?

Hoy, hoy! X-ray Dog has its own unique style and there are some little tiny easter eggs on cover arts and in the name of the albums. I try the collect them. Let’s see some good-for-nothing trivias!

  • I don’t know what thought the founders of the company when they figured out this name, but it’s clearly the best. Maybe dog refers to the old and famous record label ‘His Master’s Voice‘ withon its logo is a dog listens to a gramophone.
  • Have you ever wonder why the bones of dogs can be seen on many X-ray Dog‘s album? X-ray…
  • Alpha Dog is the bellwether, the leader of the flock.
  • Anubis is one of the ancient Egyptian’s god. He usually portraied with jackal-head on human body. He is the good of mumification and afetrlife.
  • Canis Maximus means Great Dog.
  • Canis Rex means King Dog.
  • Argos was Odysseus’ dog.
  • Cerberus is Hades’ three headed dog.
  • Dog eat dog‘ is phrase that originate from this one: “Dog doesn’t eat Dog”. The original one means that people of the same type do not destroy one another. “Dog eat dog” means “The struggle for survival in life or business turns man into an animal.”
  • Double Live Doggy Style always remaind me of the famous song: “what mammals do on discovery channel?”. Anyway it sounds like a phrase with deep meanings.
  • The big monuments on Dog Rock‘s cover art refers to the Easter Island’s famous rock statues.
  • The dog in the costume on Mighty Dog‘s cover refers to Superman, also you can find Doggywood text in the background.
  • K-9 is originated in the military, where designations such as G-2 are common, making K-9 a rare official pun. The term referencing war dogs, has since carried over to police, and sentry and assistance dogs as well.
  • K-9 pronounced as CANINE which is the synonym of dog. (Thx to Truthseeker)


Tnx to greg for his help and ideas. If you know more feel free to post it.

X-Ray Dog’s music is currently not available to the public for purchase. For licensing information, contact them.

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October 20, 2008
Gergely Vilaghy