E.S. Posthumus: The Vonlichtens Talk!

Hoy, hoy! Helmut Vonlichten, one of the brothers who formed E.S Posthumus, talks about the success of Unearthed, Cartographer and their plans of future which they really don’t have. Cya at the next release of E.S. Posthumus around 2015!

The other part of the band, Franz Vonlichten gave an interview to Globecat where he explains why it took ages to launch Cartographer. Besides he talks about the work with Luna Sans, NFL, and about Unearthed 2: Unearthed is selling as well in 2008 as it did in 2001. People from all over the world seem to be discovering the album everyday. That being said, although we’ve written an immense amount of material the past 7 years, we felt no pressure to follow it up with Unearthed 2.”

Okey, 2015!

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October 3, 2008
Gergely Vilaghy