New Releases From West One Music and Q-Factory

Here are some “smaller” releases by several companies:

Epic Journeys from West One Music, an album composed by Richard Harvey -” Powerful cinematic music for orchestra and choir. Featuring themes and scores for imminent danger; preparing for battle; action and adventure; mystery and intrigue and homecoming. ” Despite the description this album lacks choir. I am not really fascinated by the cues, however there are some good tracks (e.g. “Heaven’s Warriors”).

Epic Action & Adventure from Q-Factory, composed by Veigar Margeirsson – “Blockbuster music from the heart of Hollywood. Exclusively available in the UK from West One Music. “


For licensing information, contact West One Music or Q-Factory.

UPDATE – Nov 15, 2009: Epic Journeys is now available to the public for purchase through iTunes and Amazon.

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