Are you a Trailerhead?

Hoy, hoy! The 3th album of the series of Themes For Orchestra and Choir is in production for a life-time, althought some bit of informations are shown all over the net from time to time. The brand new is here from A guy named IMguy posted this:

“TFOAC3 [Themes For Orchestra And Choir 3] is at the pressing plant and will be distributed in about a week to our trailer clients. A few of the tracks from TFOAC3 have already been licensed to major trailers…. A couple of the tracks from TFOAC3 will be on the forthcoming IM public CD release, titled Trailerhead.”

There is a website under construction which will feature the public release, I’ll pass on the URL upon my next post.

Yeah, release date is unknown, but more important is some tracks from TFOAC3 will be published to us, mortals, on a CD called Trailerhead.

Are we happy, Vincent? Ye we are happy, Jules.

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March 7, 2008
Gergely Vilaghy