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Junkies For Epic Music

Position Music: Burning Chrome

Don’t miss Jack Trammell’s new album, post-apocalyptic, destructive and robotic!

Demented Sound Mafia: Tribulation

Gilde Flores releases a dark, hybrid album, full of action and adrenaline.

Sub Pub Music: Weighted Ground

Discover an emotional, ethereal and haunting vocal album with emotive and captivating themes.

Dynamic Music’s Trailer Album

The company has released Dynamic Trailers, a collection of hard-hitting epic action cues.

Epic North Music: Masters of the Sea

Massive, intense, heroic and filled with adventure, Epic North’s new release, Masters of the Sea, won’t disappoint you.

Position Music: Shades of the Abyss

An intense trailer music album, produced by Jo Blankenburg.

Alliance’s Debut Album Takeover

Takeover is the first album from the new label Alliance, focusing on massive hybrid/orchestral trailer music.

R. Armando Morabito: Days of Tomorrow

R. Armando Morabito releases an electronic world music solo album.

Reverie: Interview With Ivan Torrent About His First Solo Album

Don’t miss our interview about the long-awaited album Reverie, a beautiful and enchanting musical journey that will take you to oneiric worlds.

Arcadia: Epic North Music teams up with Really Slow Motion

Insanely epic, vikingly heroic, the highly-anticipated Arcadia marks the first collaboration between the two companies.

Gothic Storm: ‘Gothic Action’ Album Series Now Available to the Public

The three action-packed albums can be purchased through iTunes & Amazon.

The Epic French Connection: Volume 01

The group of French composers just released their first compilation.

Chroma: Sampler Vol. 02

A new opus is out, following the successful release of Sampler Vol. 01.

GrooveWorx Trailers: Hypox

GrooveWorx releases a dark and contagious album. Extreme caution is recommended!

West One Music: Ultimate Trailers

An album of hard-hitting epic action music.

Future World Music Releases ‘Zero Hour’ to the Public for Christmas

Fans can now purchase the album on platforms such as iTunes and Amazon.

Goddess: Interview with the Singers from Twisted Jukebox’s New Release

Discover Twisted Jukebox’s new album, featuring epic female vocal trailer music. 

This Is EPIC Music Vol. 01, an Exciting Initiative from Imperativa Records

The album compiles tracks from various leading artists in the genre.

Chroma: J2/LV Part 1

J2 and Lucas Vidal collaborated for this new release.

KPM Trailers: Storm

Out of the storm came the sound of drums… Discover the debut album from KPM’s new label.