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Junkies For Epic Music

Introducing Volta Music

Launched in 2014, Volta recently partnered with UPPM. Four albums are already available.

Retribution, The Second Installment of Immediate Music’s Premium Collection ‘Dark Hero’

Discover the new album from the successful epic/drama/action series, Dark Hero.

Position Music: Raising the Damned

Damned Anthem make a triumphant return with their second epic and hard-hitting album, released through Position Music.

Really Slow Motion & Instrumental Core: Angels Among Demons

This hybrid dubstep/orchestral album marks the first collaboration between the two companies.

Chroma & J2: Immortal

Highly-anticipated, this EP marks the third collaboration between Chroma and J2.

Dos Brains: the Latest Additions to the Silver Screen Catalog

‘Northern Lights, Southern Darkness’; ‘Immortal'; ‘Fire & Ice’, and ‘Fade to Black’ are the newest releases from Dos Brains’ catalog.

The Hit House’s Over Re:Action

Why settle just for a reaction, when you can get an over reaction? Discover the company’s new release, bold and furious…

Songs To Your Eyes: Epic Kingdoms Trailer Music Vol. 02

Composer Torsti Spoof releases an inspiring, triumphant and majestic album.

Songs To Your Eyes: Epic Mayhem Vol. 01

Don’t miss this brilliant collection of intense, dramatic, majestic and heroic tracks from composer Dwayne Ford.

2015 International Music + Sound Awards: Call For Entries

Get your entries in now to the 3rd annual International Music+Sound Awards!

Sub Pub Music: Drowning Abyss

Welcome to the colourful world of pirates! Heroic and action-packed, this album will take you on exciting adventures at sea.

New Gothic Storm Releases: Dragons, EDM and Emotions are Here

Dragons, EDM and emotions: Gothic Storm’s new albums offer various styles of music – always in epic fashion of course.

Impact Music: Piano Solaris

This collection of emotional and inspiring cinematic piano cues was composed by Grammy Awards nominee Mark Portmann.

Position Music: Burning Chrome

Don’t miss Jack Trammell’s new album, post-apocalyptic, destructive and robotic!

Demented Sound Mafia: Tribulation

Gilde Flores releases a dark, hybrid album, full of action and adrenaline.

Sub Pub Music: Weighted Ground

Discover an ethereal and haunting vocal album with emotive and captivating themes.

Dynamic Music’s Trailer Album

The company has released Dynamic Trailers, a collection of hard-hitting epic action cues.

Epic North Music: Masters of the Sea

Massive, intense, heroic and filled with adventure, Epic North’s new release, Masters of the Sea, won’t disappoint you.

Position Music: Shades of the Abyss

An intense trailer music album, produced by Jo Blankenburg.

Alliance’s Debut Album Takeover

Takeover is the first album from the new label Alliance, focusing on massive hybrid/orchestral trailer music.