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audiomachine: Prototype

This new industry release offers dark, grinding and hybrid music. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Sovereign, The Primer

A modern and exciting album of synth-based trailer music. Read more→

Imagine Music: Infinity

A collection of epic emotional tracks, inspired by the Universe. Read more→

Immediate Music: Omega II

The second volume of the highly acclaimed Omega series, composed by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic. Read more→

Avalon Zero: Titans of Avalon

A powerful, dark and dramatic hybrid/orchestral album, perfect for blockbuster movie trailers. Read more→

Gothic Storm: Rebirth

A sweeping orchestral album from composers Chris Haigh and Gabriel Brosteanu. Read more→

PostHaste: A Magnificent Journey

An album composed by Stephen Barton for family/adventure trailers and promos.
Read more→

Sencit Music: Tenth Dimension Vol. 15

The new volume of the Tenth Dimension catalog offers very diverse music. Read more→

Colossal Trailer Music: ‘Terra Firma’ and ‘Apocalyptica’

Discover the new industry releases from Colossal Trailer Music. Read more→

Revolt Production Music’s Latest Releases

The catalog features many exciting new releases. Read more→

dos brains: Might & Magic

A collection of epic and enchanting music, filled with adventure. Read more→

Battle Angel: Really Slow Motion’s New Public Compilation

Really Slow Motion’s latest public release is a new fan-oriented compilation, including some brand-new, unreleased music. Read more→

Q-Factory: Epic Action 3

The third installment of the ‘Premium’ series offers heroic and inspiring music. Read more→

Epic North Releases ‘Mammoth’ to the Public

After many placements in trailers, this successful mammoth-sized album is now available for public purchase! Read more→

Really Slow Motion: Supremacy

The company’s brand new industry release is a modern and thrilling collection of dramatic and emotional tracks. Read more→

Really Slow Motion / GianTapes: Dark Beginnings

The latest release from the label GianTapes offers dark, dramatic and massive hybrid/orchestral trailer music.
Read more→

Chroma: Transcendence

Composed by JDM, the album delivers heroic and dark hybrid orchestral music. Read more→

Fired Earth Music: Exodus

A dark and epic trailer album for action movies. Read more→

1 Revolution Music: Swords and Thrones

This distinctive album, epic and dramatic, was inspired by Game of Thrones. Read more→

Nick Murray & Roger Shah: Singularity

This cinematic album combines both composers’ influences – orchestral and electronic. Read more→