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Junkies For Epic Music

Sub Pub Music: Submersive

An ethereal and compelling album release from Sub Pub Music.

Thomas Bergersen: Sun

A highly anticipated second solo album and a breathtaking follow-up to the successful Illusions.

Brand X Music: Amalgamate

A new thrilling public album, compiling tracks from the successful industry releases Incubate and Illuminate.

Impact Music: Pure

Felicia Farrere’s enchanting voice takes us on a musical journey!

Sub Pub Music: Ununpentium

Sub Pub’s new industry release delivers aggressive and dramatic hybrid orchestral music.

VonLichten: mDUST

A mesmerizing, dark and emotional album.

Fringe Element: Arcadia

A positive, uplifting rock/orchestral industry release.

Epic Trailer Music: Recording Albums Live

Do you know where your favourite albums were recorded?

Hi-Finesse: Axiom 2

Modern hybrid epic orchestral music!

Fringe Element: Vapor

Dark electronic hybrid with a soul…

Fired Earth Music: Epic Heart

Uplifting and emotive orchestral cues full of inspiration, intrigue and wonder.

Really Slow Motion: Elevation

An album of sweeping and inspiring music. 

dos brains: Resistance

“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”!