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Vikingception from Epic North Now Available to the Public

An album that is epic, intense, massive, heroic – everything we like about Vikings.
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‘Live As Lions’ from Glory, Oath & Blood Now Available to the Public

A year in the making, Live As Lions is a major release from the company. Read more→

Position Music: Recent Trailer Music Releases

A recap of albums that may be of interest for fans of epic music and similar genres. Read more→

Position Music / Jo Blankenburg: Cronos

Cronos delivers dramatic, epic and emotional orchestral music. Read more→

Two Steps From Hell: Unleashed

The kraken is unleashed! Two Steps From Hell has released another epic, bombastic and uplifting album. Read more→

audiomachine: Life

An inspirational, emotional and uplifting collection of 28 tracks.  Read more→

Atom Music Audio: Immortals

Immortals delivers massive, heroic and uplifting music. Read more→

Future World Music: Mother Earth

A collection of modern orchestral tracks, packed with action and adventure.
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dos brains: Elements

Elements is Dirk Ehlert’s first solo album, published by dos brains and offering an intense and emotional musical journey. Read more→

Ninja Tracks: Dissident

Hybrid, aggressive, dramatic… Discover the company’s new release. Read more→

Theta Sound: Tales

A magical, mysterious and fantasy orchestral album, composed by Unique Horns. Read more→

Focus Music: Wonderful Adventures

A collection of fantasy/adventure orchestral tracks, with a magical atmosphere. Read more→

A-List Trailer Music: Evolving Builds

Evolving Builds delivers evocative music, combining orchestra, vocals and sound design. Read more→

A Rite of Passage: Interview with Atelier Inspiration

A Rite of Passage is Atelier Inspiration’s debut release, in partnership with Ghostwriter Music. Read more→

Introducing: Evolving Sound

The catalog currently consists of three album, Rapture, Regenerate and Spiked. Read more→

Revolt Production: More Orchestral Releases

Discover recent hybrid and/or orchestral albums. Read more→

The Secession: Annata

An emotional and modern album, based on ancient Sanskrit terms.
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Arisen, the Debut Album from Truffle

Published by X-IT music, Arisen offers hybrid, action-packed music. Read more→

Colossal Trailer Music: The Butterfly Effect

Intense, emotional, soaring… A grand ethereal orchestral album.
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