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Gothic Storm’s New Public Release ‘Dragons And Kings’

The company’s biggest release to date is now available for purchase via iTunes!

Ninja Tracks’ Latest Releases ‘Revolution: Ascension’ and ‘One’

Ascension is a highly-anticipated industry release, while One represents the company’s first public album.

Full Tilt: Leviathan

Epic and dramatic, Leviathan is the latest release from Full Tilt, featuring composers Jeff Broadbent and Carlos Martinez.

Interview with J2

Meet producer and composer J2, known for his successful trailer-oriented reworks of famous pop/rock songs, as well as his recent collaboration with Chroma.

Imagine Music: Black Hole

The Russian company releases its debut album – a collection of epic and action-packed hybrid tracks.

Brand X Music: ReGenesis

Powerful and compelling, ReGenesis is a groundbreaking new release.

Sub Pub Music: Equilibrium

Dark, gritty and hard-hitting, Equilibrium is Sub Pub Music’s intense new release.

Really Slow Motion: Cosmic Power

Cosmic Power is the highly-anticipated new album from the GianTapes Music catalog, distributed by Really Slow Motion.

Twelve Titans Music’s First Public Album, ‘More Than Human’

The company recently released a thrilling collection of epic, dramatic and heroic tracks, used in various trailers.

The Latest Epic Releases From Brand X Music: ‘X Marks The Spot’ and ‘Epyllion’

For the curious ones, the latest industry releases from Brand X Music are now available for listening on company’s revamped website.

Twisted Jukebox: Land of Adventures

Twisted Jukebox releases an heroic, inspiring and magical orchestral album.

Q-Factory’s New Public Releases ‘Story Of Life’ and ‘Quest’

The emotional and inspiring Story of Life and the dark and powerful Quest are now on iTunes and Amazon.

PostHaste Vol. 16: Undeniable Fate

Dramatic and epic, the sixteenth volume features composers Mark Petrie and Andrew Prahlow.

Demented Sound Mafia: Stairway To The Heavens

Dive into a soaring and epic world created by Demented Sound Mafia for your listening pleasure.

Must Save Jane: Rebirth

The story of Jane, the company’s feminine hero, goes on… Discover her new adventures through music!

Introducing Volta Music

Launched in 2014, Volta recently partnered with UPPM. Four albums are already available.

Retribution, The Second Installment of Immediate Music’s Premium Collection ‘Dark Hero’

Discover the new album from the successful epic/drama/action series, Dark Hero.

Position Music: Raising the Damned

Damned Anthem make a triumphant return with their second epic and hard-hitting album, released through Position Music.

Really Slow Motion & Instrumental Core: Angels Among Demons

This hybrid dubstep/orchestral album marks the first collaboration between the two companies.

Chroma & J2: Immortal

Highly-anticipated, this EP marks the third collaboration between Chroma and J2.